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INFOX has the integrity of providing Tech Professionals that fit perfectly to every vacant position in your company. With a very promising 96.1% recruitment position ratio, we are the best provider of Permanent Placement, Contract Resources and Contract to Hire services.

Permanent Staffing

If you need to add a talented professional to your growing organization, INFOX can provide you with talented Tech Professionals for permanent employment. Our meticulous, systematic and time-tested assessment process will not only provide you with somebody who has the skills to get the job done, but someone with the passion and drive to help your organization reach your goals. There’s no turning back in permanent placement. Thus, we want to make sure that you’ll get the right candidate on your first hire.

Contract Staffing

By availing of INFOX services, your time will be spent on the actual execution of the project and not on the hiring process. Within just 48 hours, we can already provide you with materials and talent needed for technical based projects on an hourly or daily basis. Our right to hire policy stipulates conditions that creates a win-win situation for companies and applicants. Since Contract Resources are time bound, we commit to provide you with Tech professionals to help you complete the project on time.

Contract to Hire

Contract to hire is a unique service that INFOX offers to our clients. Companies are allowed to hire employees without a commitment for a full time placement until they are sure that the candidate they have hired fits the job. This service allows both parties to assess whether or not they complement each other. Most companies take advantage of this service because of its advantages like lesser cost of employment, enough time to work around hiring roadblocks and opportunity to rehire should the first candidate fail to meet their expectations.

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