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International HR One-stop Service

INFOX is a group of specialists offering integrated HR solutions on a global scale. We handle every aspect of an employee's journey, assisting you in extending your business reach worldwide.", we are the best provider of Permanent Placement, Contract Resources and Contract to Hire services.

Global Talent Acquisition

Our meticulous, systematic, and time-tested assessment process will not only provide you with somebody who has the skills to get the job done, but someone with the passion and drive to help your organization reach your goals. There’s no turning back in permanent placement. Thus, we want to make sure that you’ll get the right candidate on your first hire.
Leveraging our extensive talent network and a headhunting team with years of expertise, we offer precise talent scouting and payroll management. Plus, with our 24-hour responsive service, we ensure efficient support for our clients."

International HR
One-stop Service

Global Payroll

Streamline payroll with one partner and one easy-to-use platform wherever you hire talent.

Global Benefits

Boost your appeal to top global talent by offering the comprehensive benefits they expect in their markets.

Employer of Record

We provide full-lifecycle services for full-time employees, including compliance, visa, onboarding, team management, compensation and benefits, tax and insurance and other HR services. Our enterprise system platform also helps to generate report data statistics and automated process management.

Contract to Hire

Contract to hire is a unique service that INFOX offers to our clients. Companies are allowed to hire employees without a commitment for a full-time placement until they are sure that the candidate they have hired fits the job. This service allows both parties to assess whether or not they complement each other. Most companies take advantage of this service because of its advantages like lesser cost of employment, enough time to work around hiring roadblocks, and opportunity to rehire should the first candidate fail to meet their expectations.

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