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Big Data: Opening Jobs in Different Industries


To manage huge amounts of data and process it quickly is how to define Big Data. Some of us think that big data is merely depending on the size of the data. Which is actually not. The truth is, big data focuses on the application of data deep insight, weighing the possibilities based on the improved data accessibility, action and analysis.



The Bigger Picture for Big Data


Big data transforms the course of information to enable businesses to be more intelligent. That is evident for big data technology and talent is increasing and growing in number. Research shows that in 2013, investments in big data grows rapidly and tripled its digit for over the last two years. More and more facts prove that big data today is still prominent and efficient for businesses.

Industry analysts forecast that because of our industry continues to be more information-driven annually, big data market will surely takes speed and increase by another 10x more within the next ten years.

Big data already takes its spot and we know its value, it allows companies to function at a new range of intelligence, tactics and experience. The good news is, it’s just the start.



Data Scientist: In Demand Then, In Demand Now


In every organization, there is indeed a key player, which is our data scientist.


As the Harvard Business Review calls it “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”.


Rising together with the big data technology, comes a new job called data scientist. It represents a development from data or business analyst part. Formal training is the same, with advance knowledge in applied computer science, statistics, modeling, analytics and math. But what is special about a data scientist is that it has a strong business acuity accompanied by great communication channels in influencing business approach for both IT and business leaders.



“A data scientist is somebody who is inquisitive, who can stare at data and spot trends.

It's almost like a Renaissance individual who really wants to learn and bring change to an organization."


– Anjul Bhambhri, Vice President of Data Products at IBM



Three Vital Skills for Data Scientist


  • Expert in Mathematics. Data insight is not enough, one must have the eye to see data in quantitative view. There are specific data that can be expressed and presented in numbers.


  • Hacking and Technology. Data scientist needs to be an algorithm thinker – the ability to crack down complex problems and restore them in simpler ways to make it easier to solve.


  • Firm Business Acuity. It is vital to know that a data scientist must be a strategy consultant. They have been a great help for businesses because of their keen eyes that can see through and learn data in ways that others can’t see.


Dig data talent is increasing rapidly. If you are searching to hire for your business’ big data initiatives, we at INFOX offers the best people that are specialized in data science/ machine learning.



INFOX delivers:


  • Incredible big size of data scientist talent pool and network

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Big Data Consultation


INFOX Big Data Consultation Team helps organizations to identify the important aspects of Data Science that customized for their industry sectors, as well as solid planning for the construction and applications of their collected data, and the formation of Data Science Team.